Reinforcing a Strike

There are a number of ways to reinforce a strike but many of them require some professional expertise.  The method that is easiest to use still accomplishes the goal. 

The goal is to spread any force on the strike over a bigger area.  You will need some woodworking skills and some tools.  The tools you need are;

You may or may not have a dustbox mounted with your strike.  If you do have one, the reinforcement plate goes between it and the strike plate.  The reinforcement plate is between 1/16 and 1/8 thick and you need to use the chisel to make the cavity that much deeper. 

The reinforcement plate should be positioned so that the offset mounting holes should be toward the center of the jamb.  The 3 mounting screws will attach it to the stud of the wall and that is what will make it stronger.  The regular mounting screws for the strike plate will mount the strike plate to the reinforcement plate.


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