Strike Problems

Two things typically go wrong to cause problems with the strike or the hole behind it.

  1. The hinges can wear or loosen or the building can settle and the latch doesn’t align any longer.
  2. You are upgrading the lock and the hole isn’t deep enough for the new 1” throw deadbolt.

If number 1 is the problem, there are symptoms that indicate that.  If the key starts turning easily and then suddenly gets harder to turn, or if the door is hard to open or close, that is the problem.  Click one of the articles on the problem to find out how it might be remedied.

In order to check if you have problem number 2 above, open the door and operate the lock by throwing the bolt.  Then close the door and perform the same operation.  If the key doesn’t turn as far with the door closed but you can see that the bolt is being thrown, you have problem number 2.  It can be fixed easily by removing the strike plate, drilling the hole under the plate ˝” deeper than it is now and then replacing the plate.

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